Oil painting portraits

erin in oils

Oils on 6″x6″ panel

megan in oils

Oils on 8″x10″ panel

grandma in oils

Oils on 5″x7″ panel

Some oil paintings I did in workshops with Keita Morimoto … one of my favourite contemporary painters. :) First two are alla prima, last one is through multiple sessions. It was my first time learning how to use oils, very interesting medium. (First time learning how to paint from someone who knows what they’re doing, really.) Oils are super flexible yet unforgiving. I’m still obsessed with gouache atm but will definitely explore more into oils. I’m also glad I didn’t try to learn oils on my own coz I probably would’ve killed myself sniffing things I shouldn’t be sniffing, haha.

more recent Sunrise Paintings

sunrise painting

June 2, 2014

sunrise painting

June 9, 2014

sunrise painting

June 17, 2014

sunrise painting

June 21, 2014

sunrise painting

June 28, 2014

sunrise painting

July 2, 2014

Some of my favourites from the past month’s batch of sunrise paintings. Since the weather’s been nice, I set up a table on the balcony and bring my laptop out to paint. iPad is convenient, but Photoshop is still my ultimate love for digital art. It’s been roughly 5 months since I began these paintings, I’ve changed the way I paint them and visibly improved my sense of colour. Yay!

More sunrise paintings: http://sunrisepaintings.tumblr.com

more gouache

Ed in gouache

Ed, 15min pose

Ed in gouache

Ed, 30min pose

sunrise in gouache

Sunrise on May 12, 2014

Two months ago or so, I started doing life paintings in gouache as opposed to the usual conte/charcoal drawings. These paintings of Ed are among my favourites that I’ve done so far. Occasionally I’ll also do my Sunrise Paintings in gouache, to switch it up with the Procreate on iPad. There are just so many things I love about this medium!!

Sunrise Paintings

sunrise painting on feb 20/14

February 20, 2014

sunrise painting on march 11/14

March 11, 2014

sunrise painting on march 18/14

March 18, 2014

sunrise painting on april 1/14

April 1, 2014

sunrise painting on april 27/14

April 27, 2014

Some more recent plein air sunrise paintings coz… ya know, colours and stuff. I’m nocturnal now thanks to these paintings and the freakishly early spring/summer sunrise. Sigh.

All done with Procreate on iPad.





I’ve been drawing more than just pencil sketches of people but… that seems to be all I’m posting on my blog lately! Haha. Follow my other social media stuff for more random posts of art I guess. :) This is a sketch of a friend on the subway.

People Watching in Toronto







Some recent sketches of people in public spaces around Toronto. Mostly on the TTC and in coffee shops.

I didn’t intend to, but my sketchbook is fast becoming a collection of mostly these people creeping sketches. YES because I really hate that sketchbook – the way it’s bound makes it impossible to lay flat in the middle and it annoys me so much having to press so hard when I draw. These sketches are making me burn through the pages pretty fast, I’m almost halfway done. Pretty soon I’ll move on to a new sketchbook I hope.

A bit about these people – Kiro, the guy on the left in the 3rd picture, was the first stranger I’ve drawn that I had to confront because I was drawing them. A lady (in the next drawing) went up and told him I was drawing him while I was leisurely chatting with friends. We made a big fuss in Second Cup and I was so embarrassed lol. But they were all super nice people so it’s all good. (Hi Kiro!)

Ally, girl in the second last drawing, is an engineer like me! I was drawing her until I got to her hand and noticed her Iron Ring. Wasn’t wearing my glasses that day, so it took a lot of staring to make sure it was indeed the Iron Ring, and a lot of courage to eventually walk up to talk to her. Turns out we both graduated the same year, from the same engineering program, but different schools. She was nice and talking to a stranger for no reason was not so daunting after all!

I’ve uploaded more of these people watching sketches on my Facebook page, and will update that album as they come. Here is the link to the album.

Figurative & Portraiture show at Project: Art




Last Friday, the studio I go to for life drawing held a figure drawing & portraiture art show! It was a fundraiser for the studio space, and these are the 3 pieces I contributed. Each were done at this very studio. This studio is very special to me, my very first life drawing session ever was done here, back in late April 2013. I was mainly looking for Toronto life drawing sessions to do my homework, but even after class ended I continued coming here to draw. It’s a very nice studio space, and a very nice community of artists. It’s great being able to contribute to the studio! The show was also my first group show ever, you can imagine my excitement when I saw my artworks up on the wall! Haha.



Were I to dream,


Portrait of a lady from Humans of New York. Willow charcoal.

Boxhead returns!


Boxhead is back! With a make-over! (Paint-over?) I’ve been sketching Boxhead drawings but I can’t believe the last time I painted her was 2012. That ought to be fixed.



Follow my Twitter for random Boxhead sketches that don’t end up being painted!

Sunrise Paintings



I’ve recently started waking up early in the morning to do some speed plein air paintings of the sunrise. I do these with Procreate on iPad, and each painting takes about 20-30min before the colours and clouds totally change. It’s been about a month, and I’ve created a separate Tumblr to keep track of them, check it out! I won’t be posting all of them here.


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