acrylic painting by caroline ji

Acrylic on paper

A master study using some variation of Zorn palette. I’ve been having a yellow phase lately where I find myself attracted to anything lemon/cadmium-ish yellow, it’s a little crazy.

Also what’s crazy is my acrylic paints here. They’re over 10 years old and were bought for some completely non-art related geography project or something. Back then I didn’t know much about paints or different hues/properties/what have you. (I barely knew how to draw, much less painting.) So I got 5 tubs (500mL lol) of which I thought were simply just black and white, and the primary colours. I had a good look so many years later, and they’re actually titanium white, carbon black, bright red, primary yellow, and phthalo blue. I’m pretty happy with these colours actually, except for carbon black. Way too cool (especially for this painting) and it was a bit of a struggle to add warm colours into it while maintaining the value. Good colour mixing exercise I guess but nevertheless, I’m surprised that the paints still work and the colours are doable.

erin in oils

Oils on 6″x6″ panel

megan in oils

Oils on 8″x10″ panel

grandma in oils

Oils on 5″x7″ panel

Some oil paintings I did in workshops with Keita Morimoto … one of my favourite contemporary painters. :) First two are alla prima, last one is through multiple sessions. It was my first time learning how to use oils, very interesting medium. (First time learning how to paint from someone who knows what they’re doing, really.) Oils are super flexible yet unforgiving. I’m still obsessed with gouache atm but will definitely explore more into oils. I’m also glad I didn’t try to learn oils on my own coz I probably would’ve killed myself sniffing things I shouldn’t be sniffing, haha.

sunrise painting

June 2, 2014

sunrise painting

June 9, 2014

sunrise painting

June 17, 2014

sunrise painting

June 21, 2014

sunrise painting

June 28, 2014

sunrise painting

July 2, 2014

Some of my favourites from the past month’s batch of sunrise paintings. Since the weather’s been nice, I set up a table on the balcony and bring my laptop out to paint. iPad is convenient, but Photoshop is still my ultimate love for digital art. It’s been roughly 5 months since I began these paintings, I’ve changed the way I paint them and visibly improved my sense of colour. Yay!

More sunrise paintings:

Ed in gouache

Ed, 15min pose

Ed in gouache

Ed, 30min pose

sunrise in gouache

Sunrise on May 12, 2014

Two months ago or so, I started doing life paintings in gouache as opposed to the usual conte/charcoal drawings. These paintings of Ed are among my favourites that I’ve done so far. Occasionally I’ll also do my Sunrise Paintings in gouache, to switch it up with the Procreate on iPad. There are just so many things I love about this medium!!